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This short eBook has many great tips to make your online life safer and more secure.

Do you understand Facebook settings??  What about Google or Apple??  This book has “easy to  follow” examples for many common social media apps.

What about passwords??  Do you have many duplicate passwords?  Do you forget your password?  Again this book can help you.

One reader wrote that the book shows “how to protect your on-line self from the bad guys who want to steal your ID, and empty your bank account”.

A number of people have told me that they have never purchased an eBook and don’t know where to start.  You can read an eBook on an iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, Android phone…just about any modern device.  Click on this link and you will be guided through the whole process.  As well as my book, there are a huge number of free books you can download too.

My book is available in Amazon and Apple book stores for $2.99

Safe & Secure - Twitter- Just cover

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Or just search for “Gary Buck”

You can also see here links at the side or bottom of the page to articles about recent scams.  They are freely available to all.

If after reading my book then you decide that Dashlane is the right password manager for you here is a discount code.